How productive are you?

As longtime readers know, I strongly believe in the power of productivity to improve our work and impact in higher education. Both faculty and administrators can strive to improve their productivity to not only get more done, but to focus on what really matters. New York Times best-selling author and productivity expert Michael Hyatt has developed a wonderful tool that can help you assess where you currently stand and how to think about improving your productivity.

If productivity were a game, what would your score be? How would you rank your ability to prioritize, organize, and execute your work (and life more generally)?

Would you give yourself a high score on how you manage your time and priorities?

Would you like to measure your productivity across the areas that matter most and those that you can improve?

I’ve been a reader of Michael Hyatt’s work for a long time and I often find his insights helpful for thinking about what I do as a faculty member and administrator in higher education.

His productivity assessment is a fantastic resource to help see where you stand and areas where you can improve.

And even better, it is free!

Click here to take the assessment.

I just completed it and it was pretty quick. (I scored a 79. I’d be curious how you scored. Respond to this message or tweet me to let me know)

The assessment takes less than 10 minutes and provides a helpful way to think about improving effectiveness and ultimately success.

I also like how the results show your opportunities for growth, as well as what you’re already doing well.

The tool calculates everything automatically so you just pick the answer that best describes you. For me, it was amazingly accurate.

Personally, I don’t tend to like all of the online quizzes and assessments that are always floating around online.

But a tool that lets you evaluate your habits, processes, and systems… as a productivity nerd, I can get into that!

Take a few minutes to see how you’re doing and how you can improve your productivity.

The assessment is only available for a limited time so take advantage of it now to see where you stand.

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