Higher Education Price and Cost: A Primer

Who pays for higher education?  This is a loaded question and on the minds of many these days.  President Obama, many governors, parents, and students all want to understand why tuition keeps climbing.  As is the case with many vexing problems, the answer to this question is a complicated one.

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In today’s post, I will explain the basics of costs, price, and subsidy in higher education.  On Monday, I will detail the current state of higher education costs and price.

How to Have a Productive Week

How many times have you wished to be more productive? It is time to stop talking about how much you have to do and start getting things done. Don’t look back at this week and be frustrated at all you failed to accomplish.

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This is the week to come up with a strategy and think about how to have a productive week. Below are five steps to come up with a plan to get your goals for the week done.

Failure is a Blessing

Failure is a blessing.  It is natural to not like failing and to want to avoid it at all costs.  Yet, only through failure can we achieve more than we thought possible.

When my daughter was little, she was an excellent crawler.  She was quick and could get anywhere she wanted.  As a result, she had no interest in learning to walk.  What was the point?  Walking was slow and she wasn’t very good at it.  I joked that she’d still be crawling when she graduated high school.

For her first birthday, we put her in a fancy polka dot dress.  The dress was longer than what she normally wore and had a lining that was slick.  All of a sudden, she couldn’t crawl because the dress was in the way.  She kept trying, but failed.  Repeatedly.  But then something amazing happened.  She stood up and took a step.  Then another and another.  Only by failing at crawling was she able to change her focus and start walking.

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Failure provides a wonderful platform for moving forward.  As John Maxwell writes, failing forward turns mistakes into stepping stones for success.  I have had several failures recently which have made me think about the benefits of failing.  It doesn’t make me happier to fail, but helps me appreciate the three wonderful blessings of failure.

Leadership Lessons From The West Wing

One of my favorite shows of all time is the West Wing. I can’t believe it has been off the air for eight years now. President Bartlet and his team of advisors epitomized a group of hard-working, civic minded leaders that showed the best of politics and our government. The drama, the comedy, and the characters always interested me. I would still rather watch a rerun of the West Wing than just about any other show on television today.

There are also many lessons that we can learn from the West Wing besides how to walk and talk in the hallway. I’ve outlined five leadership lessons that I believe we can take away from the West Wing.

Hiring Jim Tressel is a Mistake

According to media reports, former Ohio State head football coach and current University of Akron administrator, Jim Tressel has been offered the presidency of Youngstown State University.

Jim Tressel

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Let me put this as simply as I can:  Hiring Jim Tressel as Youngstown President is a mistake at best.  An insult to the academic mission of the university at worst.